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Exclusive facility perfectly positioned for Audi in Gothenburg.

XYZDP had the honour of designing Audi's new full-service facility in Gothenburg. This showroom shows a balance between functional efficiency and subtle aesthetics. The facility is strategically located just north of Gothenburg, seamlessly integrating Audi's principles of clarity and precision into every aspect of the design.

Spanning an area of 3500 square meters, visitors are offered an environment that not only showcases 16 new Audi models in a grand showroom but also features 20 carefully selected pre-owned vehicles.

The design considers both staff and customer movement patterns to ensure smooth flow dynamics. With ten workshop stations and two specially designed delivery areas, every customer's needs and expectations are not only met but exceeded.

The ambition has been to create a space where every detail serves a purpose, from the private consultation rooms to a stimulating and enjoyable children's corner.

The parking area is, of course, equipped with extensive supercharging facilities for electric cars - Audi and XYZDP have created a showroom for the future!

Audi Möller, Gothenburg

Client:Möller Bil
Services:Full service facility with car sales, office, workshop, warehouse, car wash.
Project area: 4 852 sqm
Completed: Summer 2019
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