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Mercedes-Benz Exclusive Lounge i Bodø

Mercedes-Benz Exclusive Lounge in Bodø

Here, XYZDP was tasked with creating something entirely new for Mercedes-Benz's MAR2020 concept. In a shopping centre, M Nordvik invested in integrating six different car brands for a shop-in-shop, and the result was truly outstanding.

As part of the new concept, the Exclusive Lounge was created, a spacious and bright showroom where six new cars compete for attention.

Here, we are greeted by a warm and comfortable environment where the focus is on providing the customer with a welcoming experience.

Large glass partitions and 2500 square meters of floor space create an airy feeling with natural light. Soft curves define the different parts of the premises, where bright ceilings and walls combined with dramatically dark details together create a unique and sleek atmosphere.

This car destination is designed to experience Mercedes-Benz with all the senses - and well worth a visit!

Exclusive Lounge

Beställare:Bertel O.Steen och M Nordviken
Typ av anläggning:Fullserviceanläggning med bilförsäljning, kontor och verkstad
Uppdrag:Analys, layout, design, FFU och BH
Projektyta:3500 kvm
Färdigställt :2021
Layout - och designansvarig: Fredric Hagerius
Uppdragsgivare:Fredric Hagerius
Handläggare:Josefin Jägbring
Medverkande :Josefin Jägbring
Bild:M Nordvik
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