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Mercedes-Benz MAR2020

Bilcenter in Nyköping is proud to be Sweden's first showroom to house Mercedes-Benz's new concept MAR20X.

XYZDP is the sole architectural firm in Scandinavia to develop this concept and therefore played an important role in launching this entirely new automotive destination, exuding luxury, functionality and cutting-edge technology.

The focus here is entirely on the customer experience, whether you're there to purchase a new car or for service needs.

Every millimeter is carefully designed and planned to maximize the experience for all visitors.

Drop off your car in the service area for retrieval by staff while you relax with a nice
coffee from the barista facility during your wait.

There are various meeting rooms, and thanks to the fully glazed doors, a bright and delightful environment is created for both visitors and employees.

This is a showroom where the customer is met on their terms, with fantastic design and architecture truly reflecting the exclusive brand of Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz MAR2020

Client:Car Center
Type of assignment :Concept and design MAR2020
Type of plant:Full-service facility
Type of plant:3 500 sqm
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