What we do

XYZDP operates in most areas and scales of architecture, from initial analysis to finished building documents. In project initiation, urban development, quality programs and detailed planning work for housing in particular, we have a close cooperation with MAP Stockholm, which has a lot of experience in the above-mentioned stages. Together we have a broad competence to take projects from drawing table to shovel in soil – not least in one of our special areas: “automotive.”

XYZDP is trained and responsible brand architects for a number of strong brands and is currently active in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Since the start in 2012, we have implemented over 240 projects in the automotive industry. Our involvement in the automotive industry began back in 2001 and since the office started in autumn 2012, XYZDP has established a secure position with an increasing number of automotive customers.

We work closely with the brands’ own architects and have daily contact with sign suppliers, furniture suppliers and fitters. XYZDP is also responsible for coordinating so signs and furniture in the projects are delivered on time. We work closely with project managers and construction companies and are available as a support all the way to the inauguration. For this we have a well-established process and working tools to keep order and structure. We are a flexible team that is easy to reach, it should be easy to hire and work with us!


Employee and contact

XYZDP consists of architects, engineers, interior designers, project managers, women and men. An excellent mix that we are convinced helped to make our customers very satisfied. By being this mix of people with different skills, keeping high ceilings and promoting great creativity, we are constantly developing as a company together with our customers.

We create environments with thoughtful design and function, where people and sustainability are in focus.

For us at XYZDP, life is about meetings between people, about showing heart and about smiles. We love to have fun and to develop – it’s our way to success. We are also driven by the conviction that Magic happens when we have the courage to challenge the ingrained. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Greger Nilsson

Ceo structural engineer

Partner and responsible
Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche.


+46 (0)70 598 66 64

Fredric Hagerius

Architect in charge, sar/msa

Partner and responsible Mercedes-Benz (Sweden and Denmark) and housing.


+46 (0)70 771 15 76

Julia Melin

Structural Engineer

Partner and design manager.


+46 (0)10 206 70 90

Ellinore André Erixon

Interior designer and project manager

Responsible Skoda and SEAT.


+46 (0)72 384 83 13

Anthony Fox

Structural Engineer

Responsible balcony

(Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala).


+46 (0)10 206 70 90

Josefin Släryd



+46 (0)10 206 70 90

Josefin Jägbring

Structural Engineer

Responsible Mercedes-Benz (Norway).


+46 (0)10 206 70 90

Adam Tobias



+46 (0)10 206 70 90

Yamilla Tabib Enholm

structural engineer


+46 (0)10 206 70 90

Alexander Hagerius



+46 (0)70 624 86 02

+46 (0)10 206 70 90

XYZDP Scandinavia AB, Virkesvägen 24 Vån 7
120 30 Stockholm


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