Möller Bil builds new multi-plant

A facility for tomorrow's cars

A giant project of nearly 19,000 square meters is taking shape in Fyrislund, Uppsala. Now that the building permit – which XYZDP designed – has been approved, the Möller Group can finally put the shovel in the ground and realize its new premises.

Möller Bil Uppsala has outgrown its premises after several years of strong sales growth. Now they invest big and move all the brands under one roof. This means that Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA and Volkswagen Transport cars will be available at the new address. In addition, the company’s Swedish head office moves to Fyrislund.

” The facility will be divided into three houses and contain many different parts, in addition to regular sales and service, there will be, among other things, a very large workshop with the capacity to repair paint and sheet metal damage, a new restaurant business, and sales of used cars,” says Julia Melin, project manager at XYZDP.

XYZDP has made the building permit and developed the layout, concept and planning for the entire project. During the whole process there has been a close dialogue with Möller Bil.

“We have gone through each room with the client and have made a program with accompanying drawings,” says Julia Melin.

XYZDP’s ongoing role is, among other things, to review the project so that the concept is followed and order all signs for exterior and interior exposure. It is also responsible for contact with interior design suppliers.

It is also extra fun that the plant invests a lot in developing and meeting tomorrow’s cars powered by electricity.

“The Möller Group thinks a lot about electricity and is both good and careful about it, and they are one of the few car dealers in Sweden who invest so much in it,” says Julia Melin


Möller Bil, Uppsala

Client: Möller Bil

Location: Fyrislund, Uppsala

Services: Sales of passenger cars, vans, used, workshop, paint and sheet metal, restaurant, head office

Project area: 18,900 m²

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