XYZDP is growing and welcoming new employees! With new reinforcement, the company is moving forward towards an exciting future where many projects of various kinds are on the doorstep.

Sandra Björklin, architect, joined the office in early March 2021 and has previously worked primarily with public buildings in the form of schools and sports halls. Initially, Sandra has been working on a brand new car showroom for Porsche in Halmstad as well as a new larger facility in Uppsala.

Starting a new job during an ongoing pandemic is a special experience.

“I have met about half of all employees for real and half through digital meetings,” says Sandra Björklin.

At the moment, half the workforce works remotely and the rest is in place in the office. This avoids the risk of spreading infection and at the same time allows new employees to enter the team.

“I think it’s very nice to be able to work in the office,” says Sandra Björklin.

Yamilla Tabib Enholm, structural engineer, has been a new employee since November last year and, as she says, is doing a little everything possible.

“I work with drawings, design, building documents and building permits. You jump in a little where you need to. Right now I am sitting with Jaguar and Land Rover in Linköping,” says Yamilla Tabib Enholm.

In the past, she has worked with similar types of documents, but especially in the housing sector.

XYZDP welcomes its new employees to the team and looks forward to times when everyone can meet in the office again.

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