XYZDP supports mustache fight

XYZDP supports “Mustachkampen’s” work to help spread knowledge about one of Sweden’s most common cancers. Take part you too.

The Mustache Fight is the Prostate Cancer Association’s annual campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer and male health. Humor and seriousness are mixed to pay attention and inform. That prostate cancer is Sweden’s most common cancer and that early detection saves lives, Mustachekampen wants to become common knowledge. The mustache is the hallmark of the campaign.

The fact that the campaign is going for high pressure in the autumn is no coincidence: the campaign has its climax in November with an extra focus on Father’s Day. Fathers around the country should be celebrated while the day will also be a day to associate with men’s health. By participating in The Mustache Fight, you help to pay attention and raise money for research into prostate cancer.

Behind the campaign is the Prostate Cancer Association and its 27 patient associations.

November 6, 2019

Here's what the Mustache Fight wants to achieve:

  • Raising public awareness of prostate cancer and men’s health
  • That all men over the age of 50 take a PSA blood test because early detection of prostate cancer saves lives
  • Raising funds for the Prostate Cancer Fund for further research and development on the disease

Read more on “Mustaschkampen’s” website

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