Successful collaboration with Tuve Bygg – several projects in the pipeline

In connection with the construction of Hedin Group’s facility in Linköping for Porsche, Jaguar/Landrover and Mercedes-Benz, XYZDP has acquired a new partner in Tuve Bygg. Together with Hedin Group, the work has developed to include another 5-6 projects, with more in the pipeline. The success is based on the fact that there is a great deal of openness and sensitivity among all the actors involved.

“This is required in order for us to be able to help each other and do good work,” says Kristian Kolterud, project developer at Tuve Bygg AB.

Hedin Group is the client, Balder is the property owner and Tuve Bygg is the total contractor. By meeting early in the work in project groups, you make sure that everyone is on the same track all the way.

“It can sometimes be the case that there is a certain prestige between builder and architect. Everyone has been involved in designing the project early so that all this is eliminated through joint decisions,” says Kristian Kolterud.

The work on Hedin Group’s large plant for premium cars in Linköping is on schedule and at the last meeting, which was about improvement proposals, Kristian says that everything works today very well.

“But we will of course work for even better cooperation in future projects,” he says.

Of the other projects XYZDP and Tuve Bygg collaborate in, Hedin Performance Cars is building a new Porsche Center in Halmstad. There, a brand new full-service facility of 3000 square meters will stand along the E6 in Halmstad and XYZDP will be responsible for architecture and building documents.

Kristian Kolterud, Project Manager Tuve Bygg