Porsche, Jaguar, Landrover and Mercedes-Benz build new in Linköping

Hedin Bil builds three brand new houses on a large plot of nearly four hectares in Linköping. In the three different houses, not only four major premium brands will be accommodated, but also a restaurant, event area and an exclusive lounge. XYZDP has the pleasure of being involved in the project by taking it from drawing board to finished house.

“It’s great to be part of a project this big from start to finish,” says Julia Melin, project manager at XYZDP and continues:

“It’s also a luxury to be able to be involved from the start and make sure that it’s the way you’ve been thinking. At the same time, it means a great responsibility, everything that is done we have to bear.

XYZDP is the architects behind the work and stands for concepts on all constructions and has also developed detailed and project plans as well as all building permits.

For Porsche, this is a completely new concept that will be the first of its kind in Sweden and is only available in two additional locations in the world so far, in California and Dortmund. Mercedes-Benz concept MAR2020 has been worked on by XYZDP in the past, while it is the first time it has collaborated with Jaguar/Landrover.

Julia Melin also highlights the collaboration between Hedin Bil and the builder Tuve Bygg as extra successful.

“It’s a lot of fun in this project with the incredibly nice collaboration between everyone involved. This means, among other things, that we get a lot of input directly from all participating actors, which is very valuable and facilitates the work a lot. This means that it progresses according to everyone’s wishes and conditions.

The groundwork with piling is in full swing and the planned opening will take place in 2022.

Property owner: Balder

Client: Hedin Car

Builders: Tuve Build

Area of the property (plot): 39,000 m2

Total area of houses (BTA): 14,820 m2

This will, among other things, be accommodated in the different houses:

(8,867 m2)

  • Showroom for passenger cars and vans
  • Used cars, passenger cars and transport
  • Workshop and tyre workshop with associated tyre bearings and functions
  • Washing and recond with associated functions
  • Restaurant with commercial kitchen
  • Generous staff areas with conference rooms and meeting rooms and dressing
  • Hedin Certified (Used Cars)

(3,358 m2)

  • Showroom: Passenger cars
  • Used cars
  • Workshop and associated functions
  • Excluding lounge for Porsche customers
  • Conference rooms
  • Staff areas, dressing

(2,595 m2)

  • Showroom: Passenger cars
  • Used cars
  • Area for staff
  • Car elevator to level 2
  • Garage/storage room