Nyköping first in Scandinavia with Mercedes-Benz new world concept

Mercedes-Benz new world concept MAR2020 in Nyköping

Bilcenter in Nyköping is Scandinavia’s first car dealer to implement Mercedes-Benz’s completely new concepts, from the ground up to the smallest detail.

“It’s great to be involved in drawing the first MAR2020 in Scandinavia, near home, near Stockholm, which is a good starting point to be able to show and bring in other Mercedes-Benz dealers in the same concept,” says Fredric Hagerius, architect in charge at XYZDP.

MAR2020 is Mercedes-Benz’s new concept, which began in 2018 in a number of pilot projects and has begun rolling out worldwide in the beginning of 2019. As the only trained architectural office on the concept in Scandinavia, the project in Nyköping is run by XYZDP. In addition to a new design, the new concept means a completely new customer focus with a different process of caring for the customer than the traditional one.

“The idea is that the new car customer and the service customer will receive a similar reception, where both types of customers enter the same welcome hall. If the car is to be left for service, park your car in a service lobby so that the workshop staff can pick it up,” says Fredric Hagerius.

Another idea of Mercedes-Benz’s new concept is to be able to meet the customer on the customer’s terms. When talking to a customer, regardless of the type of case, there are different areas of the premises adapted to a particular customer’s preference. There are public, semi-private or private rooms, so-called consulting rooms, all of which can provide different degrees of privacy depending on what the customer wishes.

The partner in the interior is Senab, with whom XYZDP has carried out many successful projects in the past. But with this concept, it becomes something new. Per Carlsson, responsible for the project at Senab, says:

“The difference from traditional projects is above all here the meeting between interior design and real estate. Everything is much more integrated. Furniture should fit exactly and it’s all about millimeters,” he says.

Usually you can finish the premises and then put there interior design. But in Nyköping there is a flow of different partners and products to interact.

“It may be that I’m going there on Monday, so that an IT electrician can do an installation, so that After that I can continue with my work.

A large part of the interior will also need to be built on site and, for example, an entire café and barista module will be developed.

“Then it requires that all disciplines have done their homework and not skard in their quarters. It makes demands, not only on me but on everyone involved,” says Per Carlsson.

The result of this new concept with furniture on site and IT-driven technology will be ready in autumn 2019 and it will be very exciting to see the result of Scandinavia’s first MAR2020 when Bilcenter in Nyköping opens its doors this autumn.


Mercedes-Benz, Nyköping

Client: Car Center

Type of assignment: Concept and design MAR2020

Type of establishment: Full-service facility

Project area: 3500 sqm

Completed: 2020

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