Jørn Heiersjø, Hedin Group: "A project with full control"

In Linköping, Hedin Group is building a new large facility for the four premium brands Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Jaguar and Landrover. In addition to cars, the houses will also include a restaurant, conference rooms and exclusive lounge areas.

On the four-hectare plot, three houses with a total area of nearly 15,000 square meters will stand and to land such a comprehensive project requires good communication between all parties involved. In Linköping, most of it fell into place right from the start.

“In my opinion, this is an obvious success, it is a project with full control,” says Jørn Heiersjø, Property Director at Hedin Group AB and client of the project.

There are several keys to success, says Jørn Heiersjø.

“Among other things, it became clear that the active role taken by the responsible staff at XYZDP has been very good and has become very useful for the project. It has become like a hub between all different parts. The fact that everyone takes more responsibility than their responsibilities is also a contributing factor,” he says.

Other important elements are that you hold frequent project meetings that act as a funnel where everything has to be done before decisions are made and you move on. At these meetings, different functions are included and participate depending on focus areas, which later switch to building meetings for everyone involved in different specific issues.

“The fact that Tuve Bygg is at the project meetings is also one of the secrets of this working so well,” says Jørn Heiersjø.

Through early participation with all actors, it is possible to discuss and reach solutions so that problems do not arise along the way. Jørn Heiersjø explains his ideology by saying that it is about not getting surprises, and that is something that seems to work in Linköping.

“The thoroughness we have had in the start-up phase, we are being paid for now,” he says.

Jørn Heiersjø, Property Director at Hedin Group AB

Porsche, Jaguar/Landrover and Mercedes-Benz in Linköping

Property owner: Balder
Client: Hedin Group
Builders: Tuve Build
Architect: XYZDP
Area of the plot: 39,000 m2
Total area of houses (BTA): 14,820 m2
Completed: 2022